What is Experiential Marketing

You may have heard the terms ´live marketing´, ´on-ground marketing´ or even ´engagement marketing´ being thrown about by senior sales managers at work and wondered what these terms meant. Rather than making things complicated, if you combine all these terms and more, you get the newest trend in marketing which is known as ‘experiential marketing’.

While there are different theories behind presenting a brand, this type of activation deviates from traditional methods of letting consumers know the value and benefit of a product. Rather, as its name implies, experiential marketing is a strategy adopted in advertising that is more centered around encouraging consumers to experience a certain product or brand or looking for ways to place brands products among the consumer. There are many methods being adopted to persuade consumers into the immersive experience with the ultimate goal of supporting clients to develop emotional connections that would lead to brand loyalty. Seems interesting?

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What is Experiential Marketing

Best Practices to Succeed in Experiential Marketing
The brands that do succeed in this form of marketing are those that go beyond the everyday PR activities and social media promotions. The brands that really pull out all the stops and create an impression enough for individuals to want to engage with the brand is often the one that succeeds. So how do you know if you have succeeded ? A trademark of a successful brand campaign is when individuals repeatedly return to engage with the brand believing it has created life changing value. A key component of this marketing approach and a best practice is that consumers are placed at the heart of the initiative. Place yourself in the shoes of one´s consumer, when you see through their line of view, you will automatically foster a brand warrior attitude.

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Storytelling and Experiential Marketing go Hand in Hand
An important aspect in experiential marketing, is the ability of marketers to weave a humanistic and relatable story. It is said that those who identify with stories, develop stronger emotional ties to a brand, and foster the right emotional reaction that marketers crave. Consumers are more likely to mimic the brand’s story having identified with it emotionally. The best stories told through advertisements are those that deal with truthful issues infused with characters that are relatable.

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Securing Jobs in experiential marketing

Countries like Australia, the UK and USA are at the forefront of this industry, with huge numbers of ‘influencers’ and brands jumping on the bandwagon. In fact, it’s a great time to move into this industry and secure jobs working for agencies and brands, as they all seek out the latest trends and people with the creative know how to drive this new marketing trend forward. If you think this could be you, why not take a free Australian visa assessment or one for the USA or Canada? You never know, this could be the career you’re looking for.


Moving to Australia for a Marketing Career

Pros of Experiential Marketing
An  experiential marketing strategy encourages consumers with a feel-good factor which is essential to develop brand ambassadors. Consumers who are happy will continue to remain loyal and will spread the message of positive vibes associated with the brand. Research conducted by Ogilvy and Google revealed that word-of-mouth advertising from consumers encouraged by this method was more influential in leading to successful purchasing decisions. This influence by loyal consumers outweighed that of any other form of advertising be it print, television, film or web. As such it is now believed that in order to be competitive, building lasting connections between brand and consumer through experiential marketing is essential.

Boost Effectiveness of Inbound Marketing with Link Earning

As far as business performance and growth is concerned, there is always a movement that goes on behind the scenes which arguably makes the biggest impact. Online Marketing. But as a subject in itself, the narrative is always changing and new strategies are consistently being formed. One such strategy which is making a lot of noise is inbound marketing with link earning, here is everything you need to know.

Boost Effectiveness of Inbound Marketing with Link Earning

Following Google’s Penguin update and other algorithm updates, the focus on SEO is now on quality rather than quantity. This means building high-quality links for a website to rank high in SERPs.

Link building, however, doesn’t always translate to a boost in ranking. Because even links built on authoritative sites can hurt your own website on multiple levels.

For this reason, link earning has proven to be a better option. This is a strategy in off-site SEO that revolves around creating natural and quality backlinks. The idea is to create relevant and engaging resources that both users and search engines would find valuable.

Earning links, however, can be labour-intensive because you need to create content that is relevant and valuable enough for people and other websites to link to them organically. But get it right and you’re sure to get several benefits.

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Advantages of Earning Quality Links

  • Boost your online image and exposure
  • Increase brand authority
  • Attractions of natural links
  • Increase traffic and ranking
  • Enhance your backlink portfolio

All these happen because the way to earn links is to create a killer blog or write exceptional content. By providing valuable resources, you become an authoritative source of information. You will then attract valuable links from well-known sites like Entrepreneur and Forbes.

Suffice it to say that with exceptional content, you will earn valuable links from quality sites without doing a lot of work. The struggle is likely to happen on the starting phase. But once your valuable content is out there, link earning will be easy.

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What do you need to do to earn quality links?

Two things—content and freebies.

High-quality content…

  • Is backed by extensive and relevant research
  • Is Engaging and interactive
  • Answers an audience’s question and opens a conversation
  • Solves an audience’s problem and provide value to their lives

People love freebies…

  • That is of value and quality
  • That makes sense to your target audience

If you were not sure, check out this quick video on inbound marketing

Free trials, courses, webinars, and other exclusive products and services will earn you customers. Now, take advantage of their attention by asking them for a brand mention, like, share, and a link before participating.

Why Businesses Need Cyber Security

Lets face it, in this modern day, if businesses don’t have an online format then they will likely fall to the bottom of the market. In truth, having your business online is a great asset and possibly makes up for a high percentage of success. However, with this digital age, businesses face a new additional danger; Cyber Hacking. This is why businesses need Cyber Security.

Protecting the Online Aspects Of Your Business – Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security?

Take PGI for example, they are a Cyber Security professionals who’s agenda is to protect businesses online data. 

This video is not only a brief overview of their services but more importantly it is a clear message that regards just how important cyber security has become. Just think of the magnitude of data that is stored away. Personal details, bank details, business agendas and so on. Companies like PGI have made a successful name for themselves by keeping your business safe in the form of making certain these details are not leaked.

How Do Hackers Breach Data?

Hackers have highly developed systems that run algorithms on basic security setting such as a password. They can run through millions of possibilities a second and keep the system running until they find a match. Once they are in, they are in and everything is then accessible to them. Your data and that of your clients which of course, is completely catastrophic. But this is just the basic form of hackers, the ways in which they operate leaves even the professionals behind. Governments and companies like PGI are always playing catch up because hackers are always developing new breaching systems which naturally they do their best to keep a secret.

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codes for hacking

What could Happen if You get Breached.

By protecting your data, that of yourself, your business and your clients, companies can stand strong with integrity. However, if these details are hacked peoples personal life and finances can be effected. Not only would your business be held accountable for this but your clients could be flung into a messy world of gathering back what is theirs. Naturally, they will be looking to you for reimbursement and will have every right to sue. This will make your reputation plummet to perhaps irreversible depths, not to mention the financial pinch you will feel.

There is no consideration process which is needed nowadays. We must all have Cyber Security implemented which is why so many establishments use the services of Cyber Security Companies such as PGI.

Check Out PGI Social Media for More Information –  Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

The World Of Search Engine Marketing – And Why You Should Be Doing It

One very vital aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is having a web page that is easy for both users and search engine machines to work. Although search engines are becoming more and more updated and sophisticated, they still do not perceive a website in the same way that you and I do. SEO assistance the engines, helping them to understand what every web page is about, and why it may be valuable for its users.

Ensuring your content is visible to search engines

Without SEO, a website can be undetectable to search engines. Let’s use an example, imagine you uploaded a picture of your roast dinner. A person may define it as ‘A plate of moist chicken roast, with roast potatoes and vegetables’ On the other hand, the most advanced and updated search engine would struggle to comprehend the photo at anywhere near that level of understanding.

So the question is – How do you make a search engine understand the image? Here is where SEO comes into it, SEO permits webmasters to create information that the search engines can use to recognize content. This step of adding adequate structure to your content is fundamental to SEO. By educating yourself on the skills and limits of search engines you will then be able to properly produce and annotate your web pages content so that search engines can understand.


SEO Analytic Graphs

The Limits

All main search engines such as ‘Google’ will operate on the same main points. Automated search engine bots browse the web, follow new links, images and content in multiple gigantic databases. However, current search technology is not super human, and therefore it does have its limitations. There are a number of search engine technology boundaries, including, comprehending and following poor link structure, filling out forms, and many others. These points if not adjusted on your website can cause significant issues in search engine rankings (For example your web-pages position on google).

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Barb Wire Fence

Getting Traffic

These small technical details of creating a search engine welcoming website will help your website massively, but once these are corrected you must then market your content. Alone, the search engines do not have the formulations to work out the value of content on the web so instead of this, they look at its significance and how applicable it is. They measure this by following what people do, what they search, how they react, what they comment, and what they link to. Therefore, creating a web-page with wonderful content is great, but you must also ensure that the content is visited, shared, talked about and promoted.

Train Tracks Leading In


Friday Afternoon Beers – Why They’re Good For Business

Employee opinions towards Friday after work socializing differs from person to person and from company to company. Many of us live for that magical clock off moment on Friday afternoon. Employer attitude about this idea is key, as the bosses set the manner for the after work event. Still, most big bosses or small business owners would agree that there are obvious perks to “clock off beers” at the end of a busy week’s work.


Reducing Stress

In any job there are always some pressures, often your job role will determine the severity, but most workers would agree that they feel stress at some point during their working week. As industries become more fast-paced, with bigger targets and workloads, a great employee will continue to work their hardest all week with little lull. However, with continued pressure and deadlines this can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.

Friday socials are a brilliant way to reduce that feeling of and encourage employees to let down their hair and have a good time. Enjoying after work drinks often creates an informal environment, counteracting the high-stakes environment in work. Creating this relaxed atmosphere allows your employees to take a mental break and recharge.

A Stressed Woman

Lady Who Is Stressed

Improving workplace culture

Workplace atmosphere is hugely vital to employee’s happiness, and a negative or uncomfortable culture can create a range of issues for employees. Friday night drinks alone may not ensure the overall team happiness, but it will improve morale, a familiar and easy going atmosphere can show your employees you value the work they do as people. As a boss, showing that your human is also important, nothing says ‘I’m just a normal guy’ like cracking open a cold one and passing it to your receptionist, as well as things the presence of humor in the workplace can help to break down the barriers between working orders.

Work Friends

Shaking Hands


Improving communication

In larger offices or work spaces, it can be easy for individuals to just speak with teammates from their sector or floor. When this occurs and job roles don’t organically cross, it can feel like you belong to completely separate businesses. Another benefit of Friday night drinks is reducing these role-specific meetings and ensuring everyone is together. This makes in work communications, teamwork and problem solving much easier and informal.

Workmates Talking

Colleagues Chatting


Understandably all businesses vary, but adding a social element to the working environment has many paybacks, there doesn’t even have to be alcohol; another idea could be an afternoon tea or coffee. But creating time for all employees to relax and unwind in a social situation can add a lot to your workplace.

Why Set Up An Online Business

There has been a rise in online businesses and now there are hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos offering tutorials on how to set up an online business, detailing different kinds of online businesses whilst also boasting of their own success (who can blame them). Having your own online business well and truly opens up the world and allows you to live your life they way you wish to, rather than the way you were told to.


When working and running a business online, this gives you the freedom to choose your own hours. It allows you to pick and choose your business times and work that around your lifestyle.  Whereas if you were working as an employee you would not be able to do the things you want when you want, working from a much tighter schedule.


How about waking up for a morning surf followed by a coffee in a local Spanish café and a quick check of your emails? Owning an online business allows you to work anywhere in the world. As long as the location has good internet and in my case a good coffee shop then you really are sorted. This is probably the biggest reason so many people aspire to having their own online business. So they can explore the world and bring their job with them.

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travelling the world

Financial Success

Online businesses offer low over heads and high margins. They often have very few costs compared to offline. Avoiding massive expenditures such as office or retail space, this pays a huge part in making it a much financially successful industry. In addition to this, there is no geographical or time boundary, meaning your business can be making money around the clock.

Starting up a business of any kind can be daunting, but imagine taking the leap of faith and then having the life you always wanted. I think its worth the chance!

Pros and Cons of Owning Your Own B&B

In the past I had owned my own B&B, it was a fantastic establishment and I had formed incredible memories with my staff, my family and my customers. There were many highs and there were also bumps, but seeing that this is a popular choice in business for families and one of which many are looking to get in to, I thought i would give you my pros and cons of owning your own B&B.

Pros and Cons of Owning Your Own B&B

The Pros

You’re the Boss

Owning your own B&B allows you to make the choices that you know will benefit both business and customers. Holding the rains, means you can try out new ideas and put your spin on making it stand out from the crowd.

tea set

creating a nice atmosphere

The Atmosphere

Running a B&B in a holiday destination is so enjoyable. You surround yourself in people that are there, purely to have a good experience and relax. There is nothing better than getting to know interesting people and hearing their stories over a clock off beer in the evening.


The Cons

The Hours

As owner you are responsible for everything. This unfortunately means that when the fire alarm goes off at 3AM you are the ill-fated sod that is in charge. In addition to this, your peak season is during the holidays, this means unfortunately that the majority of major school holidays, bank holidays and festive seasons will be spent working your socks off.

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Horrible customers

Inconsiderate Guests

It doesn’t happen often, but, on occasion all B&B owners will have inconsiderate guests. This can scale from messy people, to hard work and drama. How you deal with them is dependant completely on your attitude, how short for time, and how many times you have dealt with a similar situation.

Ultimately, the ups and downs are all apart of the game and having your own B&B is a fantastic way to start yourself off in the business world and live a nice and comfortable lifestyle, meeting new people everyday. 

3 Ways To Receive Customer Feedback

It can sometimes be very difficult to measure the success and performance of your own business. Things may feel and look good, but ultimately, it is those who we provide our services to that has the final and most important say in the matter. It is important to keep on top of customer satisfaction because word of mouth can spread like wild fire or flood the gates of your establishment. Here Are 3 Ways To Receive Customer Feedback

Via email

A brilliant way to find out what your customers thought of their experience is to send a quick email. The email should be short and sharp, check back in with them with positive and polite language, ensuring you are asking not begging. Another great thing about an email is that you can link in your review pages there and then, mean you are making it quick and easy for them to do as you’ve asked.

digital feedback

get your feedback through email

Ask in person

If you are face to face with you client then ask them! Especially with technology moving as it is, people love to be chatted to and feel like they have spent time with real people who are providing a good service. Simply get the customer talking about their experience and what they enjoyed, then ask them to kindly post that feedback online. If someone is asked face to face, they are much more likely to agree.

shaking hands

talking to your customers

A feedback form

Prior to them leaving your establishment, ensure your customer receives a feedback form. This should thank them for coming and ask them to leave a review. For your older customers this is probably the best option, it allows them to write down any positive or constructive feedback they have, whilst also making them feel their custom is appreciated. A little tip; you can ask on the leaflet if this feedback can be published online, that way you can add any lovely comments to your website.


online feedback form

Make sure you know how your customers feel, this way you will always know the direction you need to take your services and create the best customer satisfaction ever!

3 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Business Is Great

If your are like me, then you likely find it incredibly difficult to work as an employee instead of having your own business. There isn’t a hierarchy of character between the 2 positions, it is simply a case of preference. If you have found yourself uncomfortably wedged between a rock and a hard place regarding the decision process to take the leap of faith and start your own business, here are 3 reasons why you should!

3 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Business Is Great

The Money

You are your own boss. If you are passionate, business minded and ready to excel, then owning your own business can be your money maker. With a business that aims at a wide market with high demand, a successfully run company can produce a brilliant annual salary. Match this with your ability to make your own choices and not answer to anyone, you could not ask for more.


shaking hands in agreement

making the money you work for

Living the Lifestyle

Another brilliant reason to own business is that you have the flexibility to work the hours you want. Once you have trained you staff to the highest of standards, it is then your time to sit back and reap the rewards, for many this would mean jet setting as often as possible and taking that important time out to be with family and friends.

man playing gold

living the life you always wanted

You Passion and Love For challenge

If you have never owned your own business then this will be a completely new experience for you, a person who loves getting stuck into something new and watching it grow and expand will excel as a business owner. The success of the business really does lie in your hands, and what a better way to prove yourself than to absolutely smash it.

laptop on table

Getting ready to follow your dream

Remember that starting a business is scary and it can be difficult, but nothing will feel better than taking the leap of faith and finally living life on your terms. GOOD LUCK!

The 3 Most Cliche Gifts on Valentines Day, Which are Amazing!

Valentines day is full with cliche everything’s and for some (mainly singles) it is absolutely unbearable. However, for those who for no fault other than being in love, these cliche’s are a source of great joy. And no matter how much we look down on cliche presents, the moment they are on your lap, opinions rapidly change.

Here are The 3 Most Cliche Gifts on Valentines Day, Which Are Amazing

1. Red Roses

Naturally, these are the highest magnitude of cliche’s but they literally ooze romance. Let’s face it ladies, if you were minding your own business at work and in pops a  delivery man holding a mass of perfectly pruned roses, you would be beside yourself!

bunch of roses

Cliche present on valentines day

2. A Poem

These are usually given by the brave, it is incredibly hard to express you feel in a way which is massively cliche and thus, it takes time to put your originality into it. However, when it is nailed, every woman and man alive love being told how much they are loved through the form of a poem.

a book of love poems

love poems for valentines day

3. Jewellery

Another massive cliche, but what makes jewellery such a perfect gift is that it lasts longer than just the day its self. It can also have many representations for various aspects of your relationship and who knows, 50 years on you could still be wearing it. Imagine just how special it will become over time.

a couple holding one another

presents that last

Ultimately, you can’t really fail to impress your loved one if you have generally made a real effort. So if you are going to go the way of cliche, you have to make sure its done properly.

Fingers crossed the are endless streams of happy couples walking the streets tonight, heading towards the restaurants and with massive smiles after receiving all of their romantic presents.