Month: September 2017

Why Choose Workplace Mental Health Training Professionals

It has been many years since my recovery from an array of Anxiety Disorders and whilst it is true that all Anxiety Disorders share similar manifestations, they are experienced in uniquely debilitating ways. I previously suffered from GAD, Agoraphobia, OCD and also with a Panic disorder, of which all became beasts that were forged by each other’s nature. Fortunately, I was able to encounter the correct information, enabling me to practice a Self-Help method of recovery. Many years down the line, I have been given the opportunity to write for Mental Health Training Professionals such as Clearfocus who are equally as passionate about helping others by taking their expertise to working environments.

As it was for me, so too is it for others.

Unfortunately, most who suffer from Mental Health issues such as Anxiety rarely find sufficient help from those around them. Anxiety has become a silent suffering and has therefore created tension among peers within the workplace. Something I have found through Mental Health Training professionals is their ability to relinquish stigma. This is ultimately causing a growth in awareness within working environments and a result, employees are gaining the confidence to speak out and find effective help. As I have seen it through my own experience, those who suffer do not wish to prolong their suffering but neither do they want to be labelled or judged. Often this causes individuals to internalize and attempt to suppress their issue, which remains a concern because efforts are made to hide Mental Illness from others rather than dealing with the Mental Health problem itself. Which again, concludes the benefits of companies turning to Mental Health Training professionals to raise these subjects within the workplace.

Help should not be a problem which is separate to Mental Health, it should naturally be there for those who need it and after all, help is indeed accessible. However, we must encourage individuals to understand that it is ok to ask for guidance through making Mental Health an open subject. This for me is achieved by employers bring forward Mental Health Training Professionals to interact with employees and naturally dissolve taboo.