Month: October 2017

Why I Gave My Child Snuggly Rascals Headphones

Can I Guarantee you that you won’t walk in through the front door to find your husband or wife jamming to an 80s collection with the Snuggly Rascals ear phones on;…..No. Neither can I guarantee that as write I am not doing the same. However, this much I certain, if I, as so called “respectable adult” cannot get enough of the Snuggle Rascals Ultra-comfortable, super soft kids headphones, then your kids will absolutely love them.


Here are a few reasons why we believe Snuggly Rascals headphones are so awesome for kids!!


“Winter is Coming

The frosty horizons will soon be amongst us and fortunately, not only do the Snuggly Rascals headphones naturally keep our children’s tiny heads warm, they will of course be playing the music they love. Even on the extra cold days spent in inside the house, your kids will be able to plug the headphones into your tablet or laptop and jump into to the Kids sector on Netflix and soak in all of the childish bliss. What may be most wonderful about this is you will not have to listen to Pepper Pig oinking all day long!!


Long Walks and Hikes

The Snuggly Rascals headphones are perfect for family walks. Even only 10 years ago kids were not as involved with the latest tech of mp3’s but now it seems to be as common as, well, walking. Acting as a woolly hat your child will be protected from the outdoor elements and still be able to skip along whilst having a childlike jam. Snuggly Rascals is perfect for camping trips where kids can enjoy winding down in the evening or even simply, just have kiddie time throughout the day.


Fun Technology

We as adults may appreciate the very serious looking tech that is out there but it seems kids now want to get in on the technological action.  But what is actually childlike about the earphones for an iphone, or any phone, tablet and laptop for that matter? Snuggly Rascals enable kids to enjoy music on our adult “tech stuff” and remain children, with colourful, fun, cuddly and snuggly head phones, medically proven to prevent kids from becoming an Irobot!


Snuggly Rascals believe that there is room for children to be around the uses for technology and are passionate about making such uses more fun and childlike for our kids to enjoy.

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What I Learned About Fibre Optics

There are not many businesses that can say they are untouched by the advances of technology and it has become a theme, where a business must go with the stream or be left behind. Expanding beyond what is now recognised as old technology is the creation of Fibre Optics and Fibre Optics Optical Transceivers, and now industries are turning towards the advantages of this technology to ensure a level effectiveness regarding the way in which they network and remain online. This is why so many companies turn toward the high tech products that ProLabs has to offer. As it has now become a case of go with or be left behind.


Fibre Optics

How many practical applications can there be by streaming light down a plastic pipe? Well, just as electricity can power machinery, beams of light power and carry sources of information. People within society rarely notice how common fibre-optic cables have become, which is mostly due to the laser-powered signals they carry are actually flickering beneath our feet. The industries that are now using this technology is now countless and is still expanding, but how does it help with businesses.


Computer networks

Fibre Optic cables are now the most common and effective way of carrying information over long distances. This is because they have three huge advantages over old copper cables:

Less attenuation (signal loss):
 Information travels 10 times further until it needs amplifying—which makes fibre networks simpler and cheaper to operate and maintain.

No interference:
Fortunately, unlike with copper cables, fibre optics does not have any “crosstalk” (electromagnetic interference) between fibres, so they transmit information more reliably with better signal quality and carry information more efficiently.

Higher bandwidth:
Fibre-optic cables carry far more data than copper cables of the same diameter meaning that all data is being transferred without interruption but with higher quantity.


What Does This Mean For My Business?

We most commonly wish to see the differences with our own eyes to be certain we have made the best choice. However, with technology like Fibre Optics, the changes that you will  see is the transformation of network and communication. This means, the most likely change above all, is consistency and efficiency. By turning to Fibre Optics Optical Transceivers, communicating is now easier, more reliable and furthermore, whilst you are transferring data, it will be without disruption. As a result, Fibre Optics is not only more effective, more efficient, it is also incredibly cheaper to maintain.


More individuals are realising that it is what goes on behind there scenes that help their businesses only in this case, it is what goes on beneath the ground. This is why people have been seeking out companies like ProLabs to ensure all of their systems will function without default.

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