Month: August 2018

Boost Effectiveness of Inbound Marketing with Link Earning

As far as business performance and growth is concerned, there is always a movement that goes on behind the scenes which arguably makes the biggest impact. Online Marketing. But as a subject in itself, the narrative is always changing and new strategies are consistently being formed. One such strategy which is making a lot of noise is inbound marketing with link earning, here is everything you need to know.

Boost Effectiveness of Inbound Marketing with Link Earning

Following Google’s Penguin update and other algorithm updates, the focus on SEO is now on quality rather than quantity. This means building high-quality links for a website to rank high in SERPs.

Link building, however, doesn’t always translate to a boost in ranking. Because even links built on authoritative sites can hurt your own website on multiple levels.

For this reason, link earning has proven to be a better option. This is a strategy in off-site SEO that revolves around creating natural and quality backlinks. The idea is to create relevant and engaging resources that both users and search engines would find valuable.

Earning links, however, can be labour-intensive because you need to create content that is relevant and valuable enough for people and other websites to link to them organically. But get it right and you’re sure to get several benefits.

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Advantages of Earning Quality Links

  • Boost your online image and exposure
  • Increase brand authority
  • Attractions of natural links
  • Increase traffic and ranking
  • Enhance your backlink portfolio

All these happen because the way to earn links is to create a killer blog or write exceptional content. By providing valuable resources, you become an authoritative source of information. You will then attract valuable links from well-known sites like Entrepreneur and Forbes.

Suffice it to say that with exceptional content, you will earn valuable links from quality sites without doing a lot of work. The struggle is likely to happen on the starting phase. But once your valuable content is out there, link earning will be easy.

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What do you need to do to earn quality links?

Two things—content and freebies.

High-quality content…

  • Is backed by extensive and relevant research
  • Is Engaging and interactive
  • Answers an audience’s question and opens a conversation
  • Solves an audience’s problem and provide value to their lives

People love freebies…

  • That is of value and quality
  • That makes sense to your target audience

If you were not sure, check out this quick video on inbound marketing

Free trials, courses, webinars, and other exclusive products and services will earn you customers. Now, take advantage of their attention by asking them for a brand mention, like, share, and a link before participating.