3 Ways To Receive Customer Feedback

It can sometimes be very difficult to measure the success and performance of your own business. Things may feel and look good, but ultimately, it is those who we provide our services to that has the final and most important say in the matter. It is important to keep on top of customer satisfaction because word of mouth can spread like wild fire or flood the gates of your establishment. Here Are 3 Ways To Receive Customer Feedback

Via email

A brilliant way to find out what your customers thought of their experience is to send a quick email. The email should be short and sharp, check back in with them with positive and polite language, ensuring you are asking not begging. Another great thing about an email is that you can link in your review pages there and then, mean you are making it quick and easy for them to do as you’ve asked.

digital feedback

get your feedback through email

Ask in person

If you are face to face with you client then ask them! Especially with technology moving as it is, people love to be chatted to and feel like they have spent time with real people who are providing a good service. Simply get the customer talking about their experience and what they enjoyed, then ask them to kindly post that feedback online. If someone is asked face to face, they are much more likely to agree.

shaking hands

talking to your customers

A feedback form

Prior to them leaving your establishment, ensure your customer receives a feedback form. This should thank them for coming and ask them to leave a review. For your older customers this is probably the best option, it allows them to write down any positive or constructive feedback they have, whilst also making them feel their custom is appreciated. A little tip; you can ask on the leaflet if this feedback can be published online, that way you can add any lovely comments to your website.


online feedback form

Make sure you know how your customers feel, this way you will always know the direction you need to take your services and create the best customer satisfaction ever!