Friday Afternoon Beers – Why They’re Good For Business

Employee opinions towards Friday after work socializing differs from person to person and from company to company. Many of us live for that magical clock off moment on Friday afternoon. Employer attitude about this idea is key, as the bosses set the manner for the after work event. Still, most big bosses or small business owners would agree that there are obvious perks to “clock off beers” at the end of a busy week’s work.


Reducing Stress

In any job there are always some pressures, often your job role will determine the severity, but most workers would agree that they feel stress at some point during their working week. As industries become more fast-paced, with bigger targets and workloads, a great employee will continue to work their hardest all week with little lull. However, with continued pressure and deadlines this can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.

Friday socials are a brilliant way to reduce that feeling of and encourage employees to let down their hair and have a good time. Enjoying after work drinks often creates an informal environment, counteracting the high-stakes environment in work. Creating this relaxed atmosphere allows your employees to take a mental break and recharge.

A Stressed Woman

Lady Who Is Stressed

Improving workplace culture

Workplace atmosphere is hugely vital to employee’s happiness, and a negative or uncomfortable culture can create a range of issues for employees. Friday night drinks alone may not ensure the overall team happiness, but it will improve morale, a familiar and easy going atmosphere can show your employees you value the work they do as people. As a boss, showing that your human is also important, nothing says ‘I’m just a normal guy’ like cracking open a cold one and passing it to your receptionist, as well as things the presence of humor in the workplace can help to break down the barriers between working orders.

Work Friends

Shaking Hands


Improving communication

In larger offices or work spaces, it can be easy for individuals to just speak with teammates from their sector or floor. When this occurs and job roles don’t organically cross, it can feel like you belong to completely separate businesses. Another benefit of Friday night drinks is reducing these role-specific meetings and ensuring everyone is together. This makes in work communications, teamwork and problem solving much easier and informal.

Workmates Talking

Colleagues Chatting


Understandably all businesses vary, but adding a social element to the working environment has many paybacks, there doesn’t even have to be alcohol; another idea could be an afternoon tea or coffee. But creating time for all employees to relax and unwind in a social situation can add a lot to your workplace.