Pros and Cons of Owning Your Own B&B

In the past I had owned my own B&B, it was a fantastic establishment and I had formed incredible memories with my staff, my family and my customers. There were many highs and there were also bumps, but seeing that this is a popular choice in business for families and one of which many are looking to get in to, I thought i would give you my pros and cons of owning your own B&B.

Pros and Cons of Owning Your Own B&B

The Pros

You’re the Boss

Owning your own B&B allows you to make the choices that you know will benefit both business and customers. Holding the rains, means you can try out new ideas and put your spin on making it stand out from the crowd.

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creating a nice atmosphere

The Atmosphere

Running a B&B in a holiday destination is so enjoyable. You surround yourself in people that are there, purely to have a good experience and relax. There is nothing better than getting to know interesting people and hearing their stories over a clock off beer in the evening.


The Cons

The Hours

As owner you are responsible for everything. This unfortunately means that when the fire alarm goes off at 3AM you are the ill-fated sod that is in charge. In addition to this, your peak season is during the holidays, this means unfortunately that the majority of major school holidays, bank holidays and festive seasons will be spent working your socks off.

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Horrible customers

Inconsiderate Guests

It doesn’t happen often, but, on occasion all B&B owners will have inconsiderate guests. This can scale from messy people, to hard work and drama. How you deal with them is dependant completely on your attitude, how short for time, and how many times you have dealt with a similar situation.

Ultimately, the ups and downs are all apart of the game and having your own B&B is a fantastic way to start yourself off in the business world and live a nice and comfortable lifestyle, meeting new people everyday.