The 3 Most Cliche Gifts on Valentines Day, Which are Amazing!

Valentines day is full with cliche everything’s and for some (mainly singles) it is absolutely unbearable. However, for those who for no fault other than being in love, these cliche’s are a source of great joy. And no matter how much we look down on cliche presents, the moment they are on your lap, opinions rapidly change.

Here are The 3 Most Cliche Gifts on Valentines Day, Which Are Amazing

1. Red Roses

Naturally, these are the highest magnitude of cliche’s but they literally ooze romance. Let’s face it ladies, if you were minding your own business at work and in pops a  delivery man holding a mass of perfectly pruned roses, you would be beside yourself!

bunch of roses

Cliche present on valentines day

2. A Poem

These are usually given by the brave, it is incredibly hard to express you feel in a way which is massively cliche and thus, it takes time to put your originality into it. However, when it is nailed, every woman and man alive love being told how much they are loved through the form of a poem.

a book of love poems

love poems for valentines day

3. Jewellery

Another massive cliche, but what makes jewellery such a perfect gift is that it lasts longer than just the day its self. It can also have many representations for various aspects of your relationship and who knows, 50 years on you could still be wearing it. Imagine just how special it will become over time.

a couple holding one another

presents that last

Ultimately, you can’t really fail to impress your loved one if you have generally made a real effort. So if you are going to go the way of cliche, you have to make sure its done properly.

Fingers crossed the are endless streams of happy couples walking the streets tonight, heading towards the restaurants and with massive smiles after receiving all of their romantic presents.